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Ocicat for sale

Ocicat for sale,the Ocicat was an exciting, exotic development. This is one of the most unique hybrid cat breeds, having the alluring beauty of a wild cat but being an all domestic cat. Its coat has distinct spots on a light background, running from its ears to almost the tip of its tail. The name “Accicat” resulted from this cat being an accidental hybrid combination.

The wonderful Ocicats seen in the United States today are the glorious results of these endeavors, with a few other additions.There is also a Longhair Ocicat variation. Ocicats come in all Tabby cat colors as well as silvers, with contrasting well defined spots. Like the fur found on the Abyssinian’s, each hair has several bands of color except those at the very tip of the tail, which are usually black. The coat has a natural shine but is soft and short, making this a cat a low maintenance breed, needing only a weekly grooming.

The Ocicat offers an exotic appearance without any of the wild personality characteristics. Ocicats have a powerful look yet are neither cobby nor chunky.They have muscular legs, strong paws, and a long tail. It also has a moderate voice.

The Ocicat is a high-energy cat that is very active and playful. They are highly social, but with an even temperament, and are also very durable with few health problems. Like the Siamese, they can attach to one person more than to others. They can also be dominant with other cats. The Ocicat is known for being unusually easy to train, and can be trained to use a leash. This breed makes a great family cat that has no special grooming, dietary, or health needs.


Personality of Ocicat for sale

They are very intelligent and playful, curious and friendly and never show any aggressiveness. They prefer, like all active cats, to have company and are very happy with human companions but if the humans are out at work all day another Ocicat is their favourite playmate. The Ocicat is very adaptable and, if in the interests of safety the garden is to be out of bounds, they will be quite happy with an indoor gymnasium of scratching post and stairs.

Regardless of color, ocicats are well muscled, athletic cats. The breed is normally a little larger than the typical house cat, with males getting up to 15 pounds. They have wedge-shaped heads, large oval paws, and triangle-shaped ears set at a 45-degree angle.


Ocicat for sale Care

The ocicat’s short dense coat requires little grooming; brushing with a rubber curry comb will do. Polishing with a chamois cloth brings out the sheen. Nails should be trimmed regularly (it is best to train a kitten early on to accept that) and a scratching post or cardboard scratcher (more than one, preferably) will keep the nails well-honed, and save your furniture.

These cats have solid, muscular bodies and medium-length legs to support their athletic body. Since an indoor life is preferred for ocicats (as well as any cat), provide a tall cat tree for climbing, access to outside views, and plenty of toys to channel their energy. Cats need vertical space as well as horizontal space.

The intelligent, high-energy ocicat might also enjoy exploring the outdoors safely, which it can do when trained to walk on a harness or walking jacket and leash.



Ocicats are easy to identify thanks to their eye-catching coats. (sorry.) These cats have brown or gold thumb-shaped spots all over their bodies. In rare cases, ocicat kittens are born with solid colors, pointed coats, or even classic tabby patterns, but this breed is known for its distinctive spots.
Ocicats are available in a variety of colors, including tawny, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lavender, and fawn. Ocicats, regardless of color, are muscular, athletic cats. Males can weigh up to 15 pounds, making them slightly larger than the average house cat. They have wedge-shaped heads, large oval paws, and 45-degree-angled triangle-shaped ears.

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