Russian Blue Kittens for sale



Russian Blue Kittens for sale

Russian Blue Kittens for sale,the Russian blue is known for its affection and serene disposition. It is well-loved for its elegant, yet simplistic appearance. It has a slender, elongated yet muscular body and a long, thin tapering tail. This cat breed is known for its gorgeous blue coat, a light to dark gray with a silvery sheen. There are also some variations of white, black and red that are accepted in some countries. This breed requires little grooming, yet remains stunning at all times.

This is an extremely affectionate cat breed. The Russian Blue cat loves being around people, including strangers, and other cats. It is known for being quite gentle and serene, however some have also described it as a temperamental cat. It enjoys staying inside and can be either playful or sedentary, depending on its particular personality. These qualities make it great for either a quiet home, where it can relax, but is also suited to family life, since it is relatively easy going. The Russian Blue is also known for being less destructive than other breeds. It has a very soft, sweet voice and requires little maintenance.


Personality of Russian Blue Kittens

The Russian blue is a sweet-tempered, loyal cat who will follow her owner everywhere, so don’t be surprised if she greets you at the front door! While she has a tendency to attach to one pet parent in particular, she demonstrates affection with her whole family and demands it in return. It’s said that Russian blues train their owners rather than the owners training them, a legend that’s been proven true time and again.

They are very social creatures but also enjoy alone time and will actively seek a quiet, private nook in which to sleep. They don’t mind too much if you’re away at work all day, but they do require a lot of playtime when you are home. Russian blues tend to shy away from visitors and may hide during large gatherings.

Russian blues can be very vocal, but are generally soft-spoken and will talk in quiet meows to let you know they need food, water, or attention. This breed is super smart, independent, active, and energetic. Russian blues love to play (so make sure to stock up on cat toys!) but they get calmer with age.


Russian Blue Cat Care

The Russian blue cat’s short, dense, plush coat is wonderfully easy to care for, requiring minimal grooming. Its coat naturally does not shed much. Occasional brushing will keep the coat soft and silky.

Even more striking perhaps than the Russian blue’s coat is its large, almost round, wide-set, emerald-green eyes. 

Trim your Russian blue’s nails regularly and check inside the ears for dirt and debris on a weekly basis. If you see a little debris in the ears, use a gentle pet ear cleaner to wipe them out with a cotton ball (never a cotton swab). If the ears look inflamed or excessively dirty, or your Russian blue is shaking its head or scratching its ears, schedule a checkup with your veterinarian.

Russian blues are intelligent cats. They are entertaining and playful and can be trained to play fetch. Although not a talkative breed, they usually will respond when talked to and encouraged to talk. These graceful cats are gentle and sweet. The Russian Blue can appear to be shy around strangers, but they absolutely adore their people. If you are looking for a dog-like cat who will greet you at the door, follow you around the house, and sit next to you on the couch, the Russian blue meets these criteria.

The medium-sized Russian blue cat is fine-boned, elegant and slender, but also muscular. For exercise, make sure it has a cat scratching post for some necessary stretching. This breed can keep entertained and exercise on its own, which is great for families that maintain a busy lifestyle. Regulate weight by controlling the portions of cat food.



Russian blues are medium-sized cats with plush, dense short coats of hair that stand out from their bodies and give them the appearance of being larger than they are. Their soft, silky coats are a dark charcoal gray with light, shimmering silver tips.
Some pet owners consider these cats “hypoallergenic” because they shed lightly and have lower levels of known feline allergens.

“These cats produce very low levels of glycoprotein Fel d 1, which is the protein in cats that causes allergies in humans,” says Natalie L. Marks, DVM, CVJ, of Blum Animal Hospital in Chicago.
While there is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic cat, certain breeds, such as the Russian blue, may be a better fit for some allergy sufferers. Spend some time with a Russian blue kitten before bringing it home to see how your allergies react.

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