Burmese cat for sale


Burmese cats are loving, playful, and highly social. Expressing a number of tendencies that have been described as “dog-like,” Burmese tend to develop strong loyalty bonds with their humans and have been described as a “Velcro cat,” wanting to spend as much time as possible around their people.


Burmese cat for sale

Burmese Cat for sale,the Burmese cat is medium sized, with a rounded head and an elegant yet well-muscled body. The breed is not as large and sturdy as the British Shorthair cat breed nor as slender and dainty as Siamese cats. The eyes are large and lustrous and may be any shade of yellow – often seeming to change in variations in light quality. The tail is straight and ends in a rounded paintbrush tip. The fine, short glossy coat is a distinctive feature of the Burmese cat and lies close to the body. The Burmese cat comes in 10 colors but in all colours the underparts will be lighter than the back and the shading will be gradual.

It’s difficult not to like Burmese cats right away. Burmese are intelligent, playful little dynamos who are extremely social to humans and will quickly learn to play interactive games such as fetch or tag. Because of their affectionate, almost dog-like personalities and their giant, expressive eyes that make Burmese cats look like they were ripped straight out of a Margaret Keane painting, they also make excellent ambassadors for any self-professed “non-cat people.”


Burmese Cat Care

Burmese coats are short, fine, and have a glossy, silky shine. They require minimal grooming and do not really shed much. Grooming your cat with a rubber brush once a week should be enough to rid the coat of dead hairs and keep it looking lustrous.

It is also important to keep your cat active. Burmese are playful and energetic and do best in active homes with families that are willing to play and interact with their pets. These cats are highly trainable.

The playful personality of the Burmese cat extends from kitten-hood to adulthood. They are described as being almost dog-like in their devotion to their humans, following them around, cuddling with them while they are reading or watching TV, and sleeping in their beds at night. Females are more likely to be in charge of the household, while males supervise from the comfort of a lap.

Burmese are compatible with other pets in the household and children as well. They are athletic, playful, and are happiest in an active household. They have a soft, sweet voice and enjoy conversing with their people.

These cats yearn for attention from humans and can become upset if separated for long periods of time. Burmese grow strong attachments to their owners, and while they may need a couple of weeks to adjust to their new home, these deep bonds develop relatively quickly.

Breeders place kittens in homes between 13 and 18 weeks of age and should be spayed by 6 months of age, especially if sold as pets. Pet Burmese cats typically sell for less than show cats.



The Burmese cat is an extremely friendly and affectionate creature that needs attention from human beings to be happy. The Burmese cat breed is very demanding and Burmese cats will follow owners around the house crying for attention – they might even climb their owner’s leg begging to be picked up and cuddled! As very vocal cats they will often greet owners when they return home or demand what they want and to join in with all activities. Loyal to their owners, they are sometimes known as the ‘dog cat’ as many are happy to play retrieve. They are very intelligent and can work out problems such as opening doors are often successful escape artists!

The Burmese is highly intelligent. Challenge his brain by teaching him tricks and providing him with puzzle toys that will reward him with kibble or treats when he learns to manipulate them.

Always choose a kitten from a breeder who raises litters in her home and handles them from an early age. Meet at least one and ideally both of the parents to ensure they have nice temperaments.

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