Turkish Van Cat for sale



Turkish Van Cat for sale

Turkish van cat for sale,the Turkish Van cat is a large, muscular yet elegant breed with a white body and distinctively coloured head and tail. These cats are well balanced and strong in appearance. The large ears are set high on the head and the eyes are large, oval and expressive. The Turkish Van cat’s coat is long, soft and silky with no woolly undercoat. The paws are tufted and the tail has a full brush. The body of The Turkish Van cat is predominately chalk white with coloured markings on top of the head. The colouring on the head is separated by a vertical white blaze. Occasionally small thumbprints of colour appear on the body. The eyes may be amber or blue or one of each.

The Turkish Van is known for its unique coloration. It’s a classic, a chalk white cat but with color primarily on the head and tail, sometimes called “van patterned”. It is also one of the few long-haired breeds that requires little grooming. The Van Cat is a distant cousin to the Turkish Angora. but which originated as an all white cat.

This is a very social breed with a friendly, lively disposition and develops a great fondness for its owners. They are very playful and tend to “teach” the owners. Many know how to play fetch and will drop toys at your feet until you join the game.This is also one of the very few cat breeds that will gladly accompany its owner in the water. The breed exhibits a natural affinity for water and is often dubbed the Turkish Swimming Cat. The Turkish Van is an excellent family cat.


Turkish Van Cat Temperament and Personality

The Turkish Van cat personality is best described as energetic, playful and fun-loving. She requires a lot of attention from her pet parents, so she’s the perfect match for those who have a lot of time and love to share with their fur baby. She’s also a jumper, as The International Cat Association (TICA) explains: “Their powerful hind legs mean they are great jumpers and climbers so expect to find them atop the bookcase or in some other aerie they have located as a great place to ensure they can see everything going on in their world.” This breed can learn to fetch, says, TICA, and you may even see them “catch toys in mid-flight or turn somersaults in their enthusiastic chases” around the house.

Although the Turkish Van can be a great roommate choice for a dog, you’ll want to have a meet-and-greet before adopting this breed into a family with young children, and there should be supervision. Turkish Vans like to be cuddled and held on their own terms, though not for long periods of time, and while they’re loving cats, they aren’t very tolerant of people tugging at their tails or trying to pet them.

While Turkish vans are affectionate to their family members, these are not normally lap cats. They may lay next to you and will happily allow themselves to be petted, but this is not a breed that tolerates being picked up and often wants to be near you, not on you.


Grooming Turkish Van Cat for sale

Turkish Van cats do require regular grooming to keep their beautiful silky coat tangle free; it is best to do this on a daily basis as this avoids major tangles and matts. If grooming with a comb and brush is introduced at an early age the cat will soon become used to it and many potential problems will be avoided.



While there are all-white Turkish vans, they are not considered show quality and are actively bred against. The “van pattern” of coloration is what gives the Turkish van its name: an all-white body with different colored spots on their heads and a usually solid-colored tail of the same shade, according to the breed standard.
Interestingly, while it’s easy to assume the Turkish van is a white cat with splashes of color, genetically, the exact opposite is true. The Turkish van has the coloration of a red, cream, black, blue, or tabby cat with large white spots covering their bodies as a result of the piebald gene.

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