Toyger Kittens for sale


The toyger looks more like a full-sized tiger than any other tabby you’ve ever seen. But don’t be fooled; there aren’t actually any tiger genes in their DNA.
Bred from Bengals (the domesticated cats, not the wild tigers) and various striped felines, toygers resemble a mackerel tabby cat, but are a bit more glammed-up. On her head are markings that create a circular pattern, framing her face.


Toyger Kittens for sale

Toyger Kittens for sale,the toyger is one of the newest breeds of cat. It captures the wild tiger-like look effectively while being a completely domesticated cat. Unlike the ocicat, which has markings that were naturally developed and have remained the same for centuries, the toyger is a designer breed, much the same as the Bengal, the Savannah, and the (now almost extinct) California spangle.

In fact, the toyger was originally called “California toyger.” The toyger name is a portmanteau of the words “toy” and “tiger.” The comparison of cats to tigers is not a new concept. For many years, tabby cats, particularly red tabbies with the mackerel pattern have been referred to as tiger-striped and one of the most popular names for red tabby cats is Tiger. The developers of the toyger are hopeful that, eventually, the resemblance to the big tigers will be even closer. It is recognized by The International Cat Association but not the Cat Fancier’s Association.



As beautiful as those tiger-like coats are, toygers will shed their fur all over your couch, clothes, and carpet. Weekly brushing should keep most of the cat hair under control. Plus, it’s a good way to bond with her!

Though some people might think cats don’t need as much of the one-on-one time dogs crave, this isn’t true—especially for the social toyger. If you leave her alone for extended periods of time, she can develop separation anxiety and you might come home to claw marks on your couch.


Personality of Toyger Kittens

Toyger cats are known for much more than their good looks. This is an outgoing, friendly breed that can even be trained to do tricks, much like their Bengal cousins. Some Toyger cats have been trained to walk on leashes, play fetch and perform in agility competitions.

Very playful
Highly active and intelligent
Friendly with children and other pets
Easygoing and docile
Affectionate toward owners
Since Toygers are a smart breed, they need intellectual stimulation. Make sure that you take time each day to play with your Toyger to prevent them from becoming bored.



Toygers are very intelligent cats who enjoy being challenged and stimulated by their humans, and can even be taught tricks (such as how to play fetch) or how to walk on a leash with relative ease.

Along with looks,toyger cats have been bred to be laid-back, friendly companions. Kirsten Kranz, director of Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue, says their personalities are “Bengal-like,” but, not quite as wild as the typical Bengal.

Though they might not be as active as their Bengal cousins when it comes to exploring or climbing, toygers kittens still have an eye for adventure-as long as their human is by their side. Instead of prowling on her own, she tends to prefer to stick fairly close to her people.



Toygers have a tiger-like appearance, with broken, vertical orange and black or brown-bordered stripes. The markings are described as “dark markings on a vividly bright orange background on the outer to top portions of the cat with a whited ground color on the undersides and insides…enhanced by the scatter of gold glitter over the top” by the International Cat Association. 2 The markings on each cat are unique. A toyger’s fur pattern is random, as opposed to a tabby’s mackerel stripes or round rosettes. The ideal toyger head has circular markings that no other domestic cat breed has. Its short, distinctively patterned fur is hypoallergenic.

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