Capuchin Monkey for sale


Capuchins Monkeys are considered the smartest of the New World monkeys are diurnal (active during the day), social, and territorial. Capuchin monkeys are known for their high level of intelligence and curiosity, most likely due to having the largest brain-to-body size ratio of any primate other than humans.

Capuchins provide valuable insight into food sharing, primate economics, communication, cooperation, social affiliation and self-awareness. Most capuchin monkey owners use diapers for the monkey’s entire life and keep them on leashes in and out of the house for both the safety of the monkey and the public.


Capuchin Monkey for sale

Capuchin Monkey for sale.Captive capuchin monkeys are charming as babies and need care much like a human baby. The Capuchin babies can form a tight bond with their human mother or father, may need to be bottle-fed for some time (if not forever), and will need training to be a part of the family. You can hire a specialized monkey trainer, although particular trainers use questionable training methods. Some trainers recommend removing all four canine teeth from the monkey to prevent serious bite injuries down the road. This practice is another debatable issue, and few veterinarians will perform the procedure.

Agile and lean, capuchin monkeys weigh only 3 – 9 pounds (1.36 – 4.9 kilograms). The fur of the capuchin monkey varies, but is most commonly seen with cream or light tan coloring around the face, neck and shoulders. The rest of its coat is dark brown. The hair is shorter and darker on the capuchin’s back than on other parts of its body. The face of this cute monkey will range from white to pink in color. The tail is long, covered in hair and is partially able to wrap around branches.

Housing the Capuchin Monkey

In the wild, capuchins swing from tree to tree, something that most home enclosures don’t permit. The lack of natural habitat in a home setting raises much controversy regarding keeping these monkeys at all. Typically, there isn’t nearly enough space or foliage in an average yard to allow the primate proper exercise.

That said, the bigger the enclosure, the better. And if you do decide to house a capuchin, make sure it has plenty of trees to swing and jump from, provide a shaded area for shelter from the elements, and be sure it’s monkey-proofed. Even healthy and happy monkeys are curious, and a breakout is inevitable if given the time and an outlet.

Food and Water of the Capuchin Monkey

Mimicking this monkey’s natural diet in captivity can be somewhat tricky. A high-quality, formulated monkey chow provides the bulk of their nutritional needs. Ample outdoor space allows them to forage. Supplement their diet with baby food, fruits, and vegetables (cut to size). A varied diet keeps a monkey interested, especially if you hide it, and they have to search for it. It is best to feed your monkey on a regular schedule and twice per day.

Capuchins also thrive with the occasional cooked meat treat (about 1 teaspoon), but never give them table food, dairy products, or sweets, as this is not part of their natural diet and can lead to health problems.

How smart are Capuchin Monkeys

Capuchins are considered the most intelligent of the New World monkeys. They will collect rocks, store them, and use them as tools to open hard nuts and shellfish. These monkeys learn techniques from their parents and older members of the group, and it can take years to master these skills. In captivity, capuchins require constant enrichment to keep them mentally and physically fit.


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