Finger Monkey for sale


The finger monkey is known by different names like the dwarf monkey, little lion, and pocket monkey. They are known by these names as they are the smallest of the monkeys and also are the smallest primates that exist in the world. The scientific name of finger monkey is Pygmy Marmoset.


Finger Monkey for sale

Finger Monkey for sale.As the name implies, these adorable animals are true monkeys. They’re the smallest species of monkey and one of the smallest primates in the world. Their official name is the pygmy marmoset. Like other marmosets, they live high in the treetops of South American rainforests. All marmosets are relatively small, but the pygmy grows no longer than 4.6 to 6.2 inches, not including its tail, which can measure between 6.9 and 9 inches. Females tend to be slightly larger than males, weighing just over 4 ounces on average. Baby pygmy marmosets are tiny enough to cling to your finger, much like other monkeys cling to tree branches; hence the nickname.

They are also sometimes referred to as thumb monkeys, pocket monkeys and little lions, the latter due to the fur that surrounds their heads like a mane. Although not considered an endangered species, finger monkeys do face habitat destruction. Their adaptability to new environments may keep them off the endangered list.

These tiny marmosets gained popularity as pets in the United States due to their diminutive size and cute faces. However, they are still wild animals. As mentioned above, they use their long teeth to bore into tree bark for food. This makes their bite painful, although not generally dangerous, especially to children and other pets. Finger monkeys are known to be aggressive, particularly males as they reach maturity. As with other monkeys, they’re known to throw their feces when they get angry.

These are intelligent animals and their first couple years of life leave a major imprint. Good and bad habits developed during this time will stay with them for life, so you must devote considerable time to training when they are young.

Replicating their natural habitat in captivity is essential. A large cage featuring trees, vines, water, and swings allows them to jump, climb and play as they would in the wild. Direct sunlight is preferred, but a heat lamp or other artificial light source can be attached to the cage if natural light isn’t regularly available. Some breeders will include a “starter” cage kit when you purchase a finger monkey. Provide for their diet through access to trees, fruit, vegetables, and insects. Babies need to be fed every two hours.

You should buy or adopt finger monkeys in pairs, at a minimum. Even ample human companionship is not enough to keep these social animals mentally fit. Having same-species camaraderie is essential to their well-being.

How to take care of Finger Monkey

The diet of any finger monkey includes biscuits, fruits, Arabic gum and the small things that you usually find in your pantry. But taking care of finger monkeys is far more than simply giving them food and water. You would have to create a certain habitat for them to stay comfortably. You should have a large cage in place wherein they can jump around and move freely. Add swings and tree branches in the cage so that the monkey does not get bored.

When it comes to the diet of finger monkeys, you should ensure that you are including vitamins D3 and C in their diets. These vitamins are indeed essential for their health. You can even buy biscuits that are specifically made for finger monkeys. These can be found at your local shops. Alternatively, you can easily feed them with vegetables, pasta, fresh fruits, rice and small insects.

These creatures also require a lot of sunlight and you should ensure that their cage is placed such that there is plenty of sunlight coming in. An alternative could be to purchase a heat lamp or UV light to include in their habitat. Make sure that you clean their habitats more often so that hygiene is maintained. It is important to note that finger monkeys are also prone to several diseases and viruses just like humans. If you notice any strange behavior or reduced activity and such then you should immediately consult a veterinarian doctor.

Diet of Finger Monkey for sale

The finger monkeys have a very different diet compared to the other monkeys. Their staple food includes gum and sap. They choose a diet which comprises of a higher amount of carbohydrates. Plants, insects, and fruits are other items that are part of their diet. The sap and gum are extracted from the tree using their sharp teeth.


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