Cornish Rex Kittens for sale



Cornish Rex Kittens for sale

Cornish Rex Kittens for sale,the Cornish Rex is a gentle, friendly cat that makes it a good family pet. The great pet qualities of this breed are highlighted by the appearance of its short wavy looking coat. It stands out from other cat breeds because its coat is primarily made up of soft down hairs, its undercoat. and it has virtually no awn or guard hairs. This breeds coat requires very little maintenance. Despite the downy undercoat, an interesting fact about this breed is that it is less likely than other cat breeds to cause an allergic reaction in people who are allergic to cats.

Cornish Rex cats have an interesting body shape. They have a long slender body and tail, and long slender legs, but they are muscular and heavy around the hips. The head is triangular shaped with two big, oval shaped eyes, a long nose, and large ears. This cat requires little grooming and does not shed very much. In fact, it is important not to over-groom a Cornish Rex. The wavy coat pattern is encouraged with firm stroking, yet too much brushing can cause bald spots.

A social cat, the Cornish Rex enjoys being around people and other animals. It is a gentle, loving cat that bonds to the whole family. This cat breed is agile and playful, and enjoys being active. Some say that it is a lap cat, while others say that it prefers play to cuddling. It likes being indoors and does very well when kept inside, in fact it does not handle extremes of heat or cold. Still it does enjoy going outside to run around when the weather is mild. The Cornish Rex is also talkative and has a voice similar to the Siamese, but is not as high-pitched.


Personality Cornish Rex Kittens

The Cornish rex becomes involved with their parent. They love to be right next to their parent and must have some time together everyday. Many Cornish rex will do anything to be with their parents and will even learn to walk on a lead in order to spend more time together. In general, they love being handled by their parents.

Cornish Rexes are ideal for people who enjoy having their lives managed by active, inquisitive, gazelle-like felines who enjoy a good joke as long as it isn’t on them. The Cornish Rex sees everything as a game, and they can be difficult to ignore when they’re in a sociable mood, which is most of the time.
With their favorite humans, Rexes are determinedly outgoing. They also make an excellent winter lap warmer due to their warm suede feel. They are intelligent, alert, and generally easy to deal with. With a purring Cornish stealing your food as soon as your back is turned, or even while you’re looking, dinner will never be the same again.
Some Rexes enjoy retrieving and will bring you objects to toss over and over.
They are excellent climbers, leapers, and sprinters, and their paws are amazingly agile. A persistent Cornish will destroy any shelf or cupboard.


Living With

She’s going to need places to explore. Levels are great, because she’s a natural born climber and jumper. She is also a cat that has a tendency to “rediscover” toys over the years, so getting her a variety of toys from the outset can theoretically keep her entertained for years.

The Cornish rex is an athletic cat and will maintain ideal weight if provided with enough space for exercise. Thanks to the close lying nature of the coat, you can easily tell if a Cornish is getting too heavy.

The Cornish rex is agile and loves to jump, run, and play. When playing they can appear to be inexhaustible and should have interactive exercise as well.



The Cornish rex is an incredibly curious, bright, high-energy breed. Emphases on the high-energy. 

“Cornish rexes may be seen as the border collies of the cat world,” Bonk says. “They’re always on the move and do better if they have a job to do. While they really enjoy playing with you, interactive toys, such as battery-operated mice, puzzle toys, or maze toys, can help keep them entertained when you can’t play with them.”

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