Egyptian Mau for sale


These long, lean, muscular cats have a true athlete’s build. Their hind legs are slightly longer than their front legs, giving them the appearance of standing on tiptoes when they’re standing straight up. Those long hind legs, coupled with an additional flap of skin that runs from their flank to their back knees, make them incredible jumpers and the fastest of the domestic cat breeds.


Egyptian Mau for sale

The Egyptian Mau for sale is fiercely devoted to her humans and vocally shows signs of happiness and affection by meowing in a pleasant voice. She’ll also slowly swish her tail and knead with her front paws. She loves to display her hunting skills by chasing and retrieving a toy. As a moderate- to highly active breed, you may find her on top of your refrigerator or bookshelves.

The mau has a triangular shaped head with large almond shaped eyes. The profile is gentle and nothing appears extreme, with the exception of the spotted tabby markings of the coat.

The coat of the mau is medium in length and glossy and soft. The spots on the coat cover the body with tabby striping on the face, extremities and tail. Most maus have a flap of looser skin, which goes from the flanks to the knees on the hind legs.


Egyptian Mau Care

Its coat is easy to care for with weekly combing; it rarely needs a bath. Learn how to help your cat with good dental hygiene to keep its teeth and gums healthy.

A mau will appreciate having places to climb and play to satisfy its exercise needs. Provide a cat tree or a window perch and a scratching post; a high vantage point helps the cat feel in control of the whole room. Be sure to provide lots of cat toys. Maus enjoy playing fetch. Most maus like to play in water, including splashing in their water dish.

They are good hunters and you will have to be careful if your household includes pet birds or rodents; keep the cat away from your bird feeder.

The egyptian mau cat for sale is highly intelligent and personable, the mau is extremely loyal and devoted to family members, both human and four-legged. It tends to be shy or reserved around outsiders and may hide from visitors. Maus have a distinctly soft melodious voice and chortle to express their happiness.



The Egyptian mau is a regal, intelligent cat. They are very loyal to their people, often choosing to bond most strongly with one particular person, but being affectionate and loving with everyone in their family unit. They can be a little standoffish to strangers at first, but will usually warm up quickly.

Egyptian mau enjoy being above the action, surveying things from height. So if they aren’t provided with a high cat perch somewhere, they’re likely to make their own on top of a refrigerator or bookshelf.

Egyptian maus get along well with other cats and are independent enough to do well on their own if you need to be out of the house for extended periods of time. They enjoy playing with toys and may become protective of their favorites, so care should be taken when they’re playing with children.



The Egyptian mau, like the ocicat, is notable for its spotted coat. The mau, unlike the ocicat, was not created by a breeder. Instead, the Egyptian mau developed her spots on her own.
These long, lean, muscular cats have the physique of a true athlete. Their hind legs are slightly longer than their front legs, giving the impression that they are standing on tiptoes when standing straight up. They are the fastest of the domestic cat breeds due to their long hind legs and an additional flap of skin that runs from their flank to their back knees.

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