Scottish Fold Kittens for sale



Scottish Fold Kittens for sale

Scottish Fold Kittens for sale,the Scottish Fold has a charming appearance with a face that somewhat resembles an owl. Of course the most notable feature of this breed are its small ears, which are tightly folded forward and down. Sometimes they will have a double fold, making the ear tips almost touch the forehead. Other features of the Scottish Fold cat include its round stocky body, which is complimented by a round head with big round, wide-open eyes. Another cat breed with unique ears is the American Curl, but its ears curl backwards rather than to the front.

This combination of ears, body form, and face give the Scottish Fold cats a very sweet and endearing expression. Its charming appearance carries through in its behavior as well, its pleasant look is a good representation of this breed’s personality. This cat breed is loving and gentle towards most people and animals, and makes a great addition to any family.

Scottish Folds are calm, placid pet cats that enjoy staying indoors. However they can also be playful, and are known for their excellent hunting skills so will enjoy an occasional romp outside. Scottish fold for sale are highly affectionate and gentle, which makes them ideal family cats. They are also quite adaptable, so they do well in noisy houses full of people or with a single, quiet owner in an apartment. Scottish fold cats have a sweet, quiet voice that they use sparingly. And for maintenance, this breed just needs a simple weekly grooming.


Caring for Scottish Fold Kittens

Comb the Scottish Fold’s coat weekly to remove dead hair and distribute skin oils. A longhaired Fold may need to be groomed a couple of times a week to ensure that tangles don’t develop.

Brush the teeth to prevent periodontal disease. Daily dental hygiene is best, but weekly brushing is better than nothing. Trim the nails every couple of weeks.

Wipe the corners of the eyes with a soft, damp cloth to remove any discharge. Use a separate area of the cloth for each eye so you don’t run the risk of spreading any infection.

Check the ears weekly, especially if they are tightly folded. If they look dirty, wipe them out with a cotton ball or soft damp cloth moistened with a 50-50 mixture of cider vinegar and warm water. Avoid using cotton swabs, which can damage the interior of the ear.

Keep the Scottish Fold’s litter box spotlessly clean. Cats are very particular about bathroom hygiene, and a clean litter box will help to keep the coat clean, as well.

It’s a good idea to keep a Scottish Fold as an indoor-only cat to protect them from diseases spread by other cats, attacks by dogs or coyotes, and the other dangers that face cats who go outdoors, such as being hit by a car. Scottish Folds who go outdoors also run the risk of being stolen by someone who would like to have such a beautiful cat without paying for it.

Scottish folds are also very social and enjoy being with you as much as possible as well as making great companions for other cats and friendly dogs.



After their ears, the first thing you will notice about a Scottish Fold is their habit of posing in odd positions—flat out on the floor like a little frog, sitting up for all the world as if they were a meerkat on a nature program, or lying on their back, paws up in the air. And although you might assume that their ears are less mobile than those of other cats, such is not the case. Scottish Folds use those ears to communicate quite effectively, adding comments in a quiet, chirpy voice when necessary.

This is a smart, moderately active cat. The Scottish Fold Kittens (for sale ) enjoys teaser toys that test their agility and puzzle toys that challenge their intelligence. Their favorite activities include anything that involves human interaction.

There is nothing a Scottish Fold likes better than to be with their people, participating in whatever they are doing. They’re a sweet cat who enjoys attention. The last thing they want is to be left alone for hours on end, so they’re not the best choice unless someone is home during the day or you can give them the company of another cat.

Rest assured, however, that they will expect you to play with them when you get home from work or school–or at least sit down so they can get in a little lap time or curl up next to you while you watch television.



A Scottish fold would be the offspring of an owl and a cat. Scottish folds are a medium-sized, stocky breed that enjoys human attention from all members of the family, but may favor one lucky individual.
These lovely cats have rounded heads, short necks, and large eyes, which, when combined with their folded-over ears, give them an owl-like appearance. Their coat is generally short and dense, but they can also have long-haired Scottish folds. White, blue, cream, silver, black, cameo, and brown are among the colors available. Solid, tabby, tortoiseshell, bicolor, spotted, and shaded coat patterns are available. Their stunning eyes can be gold, green, or blue.

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