Oriental Shorthair Cat for sale



Oriental Shorthair Cat for sale

Oriental Shorthair Cat for sale,the Oriental Shorthair has the delicate, graceful qualities of the Siamese. But this little darling comes in many exotic, varied color forms. As its name suggests, the coat is short, but it is also very fine and glossy. This lively little cat makes a great low maintenance pet cat that requires little grooming.

This cat breed basically has the long slender stylized body form of the Siamese Cat, but without its pointed pattern. The legs are long and slender, and it has a long tail. Its head is angular, complimented with almond-shaped eyes and pointed ears.

The history of the Oriental Shorthair is somewhat vague. The natural breed Siamese Cats were first imported into Britain in the 1800’s, both with a pointed pattern and without. Breeders at that time became quite creative with crosses to build up their breeding programs. 

The Oriental Shorthair has most of the same characteristics as the Siamese. Oriental Shorthair is an energetic, playful, affectionate breed that loves spending time with its owner. It is definitely an extrovert that dislikes being alone. It can be demanding in its need for attention, though it can also be an extremely loyal friend. Interestingly, the Oriental Shorthair is known for being comfortable with using a leash and collar and is less objective towards restraint than other breeds. This characteristic is much appreciated when traveling or going to cat shows. Like the Siamese, the Oriental Shorthair has a loud, distinctive voice.


Oriental Shorthair cat Care

Considered an excellent pet, the Oriental Shorthair is outgoing and fun to interact and observe. They are gregarious by nature, and unlike many other breeds of cat, can become withdrawn when left alone for extended periods.

These cats are considered to be very interactive and enjoy playing with human family members or other cats or even dogs. It’s often recommended that you make sure your Oriental has a furry friend to keep company with. Many Oriental owners report that their cat often greets them at the door when they return home and will begin to vocalize with various meows and chirps.

It should be noted that vocalization is a key part of the Oriental Shorthair’s personality, a trait shared between cats of the Siamese family. These cats often express excitement, interest, despair, or other emotions with a wide range of vocal sounds.

These cats can be taught tricks, are often adept at walking on a harness when trained at an early age and may even enjoy playing fetch. They also have an incredible vertical and often enjoy perching themselves on high spots (like the top of a refrigerator or cabinets) to keep an eye on activity down below.

A smooth, silky coat that lies close to the body accents the breed’s angular face, wide-set ears, and long legs. The coat is low-maintenance, with the Oriental Shorthair doing an excellent job of self-grooming. However, your cat might appreciate an occasional brushing to remove any loose hair and stimulate the skin.



While the Oriental shorthair is technically a medium-sized cat at 8–12 pounds, their long, narrow frame gives them a much taller presence-and it also gives a hint about their history.

“Look closely and you’ll see that body structure is almost identical to the Siamese.

Like the Siamese, the Oriental cat breed is an intelligent, curious cat that makes its presence known. They love to talk to their human companions and expect a reply. They want to be part of the family and enjoy playing games like fetch with a ball of scrunched up paper. Oriental cats like to be kept amused and do not like to be left alone, so if you are out at work all day, getting another Oriental cat is probably a good idea.


Living With

Parents can tell when the Oriental gains weight. Oriental cats show a pot belly even after indulging in one day of over eating. The nutrition must be carefully controlled for this breed. The long, slim legs are not made to hold a fat body.

Orientals are great jumpers and love heights. For this reason, perches and cat trees should be provided. Oriental cats love to play and appreciate toys around the house for their pleasure. While the coat needs little care, the Oriental Shorthair associates brushing with affection and will enjoy being groomed.

As elegant as the Oriental looks, she can be quite a lap cat. She is extremely affectionate and will sleep next to her parent in bed.



While the Oriental Shorthair Cat for sale is technically a medium-sized cat weighing 8-12 pounds, their long, narrow frame gives them a much taller presence—and hints about their history.
“If you look closely, you’ll notice that [his] body structure is almost identical to that of a Siamese,” says Teresa Keiger, editor of the Cat Fanciers’ Association.
What is the main distinction between the two breeds? The incredible color and pattern variation. Oriental shorthairs are available in nearly every color, from blue and lavender to ebony, as well as patterns such as tortoiseshell and smoke.

When brushed regularly, their coat is short, sleek, and shiny, just like their name suggests.
While a completely hypoallergenic cat is highly doubtful, the Oriental shorthair can be a good choice for some allergy sufferers, relieving sneezing and sniffles.

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